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My Transition from a Shy African girl to an Unapologetic Confident woman of colour

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My Transition from a Shy African girl to an Unapologetic Confident woman of colour

I have not always been this confident African girl that wears all the bright and happy colours. In my early to late teens, i was shy and timid, always choosing to wear grey, brown or black until i had the opportunity to travel to New York while at university. For the very first time in my life, i had the opportunity to shop in a fashion store ( i remember if was Macy's) there was so much to see and try and i totally shopped all the bright colours you can imagine. From then, i fell in love with Pink, i would wear this favourite pink outfit of mine and strut my campus at the time feeling cool and on top of my world. 

Since i moved to the UK, my love of everything bright and colourful did not change; i then discovered more happy bubbly colourful stores like Zara and Mango until i started my very own clothing brand ATMKollectionz; a ready to wear African fashion brand curating contemporary, chic and high quality African clothing for women. As you know, African Ankara prints does not typically come in any dull colours :).

Designing my own clothes gives me the opportunity to pick exactly what i want in an outfit; visualising the attire before its finally made. I love to pair my African outfits with bright western fashion fusing the East with the West. Its so much fun to play dress up in African clothes. I find that African tops can be very versatile because you can wear them with different bottoms.

For this style, i decided to pair this beautiful blue Ankara wrap top with a pair of White palazzo trousers because i was thinking of the perfect outfit for the upcoming Luxafrique African Polo Event in London. 

 I then topped it with a pop of Yellow on the accessories, because like you know for polo events, you want to stand out. This style for me is fresh, chic and modern. 

So let yourself shine and be the person you always want to be. The time to live is NOW