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Black History Month with ATMKollectionz Fashion House

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Black History Month with ATMKollectionz Fashion House

In the spirit of 2019 Black History Month celebrated in the US at this time of year, I wanted to share with you my understanding of the symbolism of this historic event as well as useful African fashion tips that can allow you to stay stylish and fabulous while slaying connected to your African roots.

Fashion represents an inner being of one’s self, it’s a way to express who you are and what you stand for. Its an art or better say a social science that identifies a person. In today’s modern world, you can easily identify a person’s value or belief system simply by the way they dress. For me; I have found a way to stay powerful and connected to my African heritage through my fashion choices. I have consciously chosen to wear my African prints with pride and joy and tell a story through my creations.  It is important to stay connected and love the person you are, the race you were born into and the values system that represent that race.

Black history month in February is a time when we celebrate black excellence in the US especially with the African American community, the people before us who fought and paved the way for our freedom.  I am proud to embrace the person I am and the culture I was born into. Being black is being proud and content.