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My style defines my personality; happy, bubbly and colourful. I have no boundaries when it comes to experimenting with colours and patterns. I definitely love to wear my African prints and always enjoy fusing with other prints and patterns.

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In the spirit of 2019 Black History Month celebrated in the US at this time of year, I wanted to share with you my understanding of the symbolism of this historic event as well as useful African fashion tips that can allow you to stay stylish and fabulous while slaying connected to your African roots. Fashion represents an inner being of one’s self, it’s a way to express who you are and what you stand for. Its an art or better say a social science that identifies a person. In today’s modern world, you can easily identify a person’s value...

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Fashion apparels inspired by African designs have take over the global fashion scene, now trending as mixed or patterned prints can be seen on our fashion stores. The use of African prints is become the new best thing in every fashion conscious ladies wardrobe, and her i am giving you some tips on how to style your Ankara pieces.

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african fashion blog, ankarastyles, blog post, blogger, Newletter, newsfeed, recent events, upcoming event, updates -

i decided to start a blog post to engage directly with you. To invite you to learn more about me and my hopes and aspirations for my clothing brand. Today, i wanted to share with you a bit of my brand journey and hope you can see and appreciate my creations through my these stories.

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